Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Refreshing Our Davis Branch

Davis Library
Davis Library
You may have heard that our Davis branch is being refreshed and wondered what exactly it means to "refresh" a library.

A refresh project is a new Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process approved by County Council and the County Executive to allow library buildings to get significant and timely updates without having to close for the lengthy time it takes for a full renovation. The Library Refurbishment CIP funds programmatic, cosmetic, and service impact updates to two to three libraries every year.

What will be done to Davis during the refresh project?

In addition to new paint and carpet, the Davis refresh project will include:

an enhanced area for children
a substantial increase in seating space with power for electronic devices
two reservable collaborative workspaces
comfortable lounge seating in several areas
a total renovation of our restrooms
digital signage
and more

How long will the Davis refresh take?

Davis' last day of public service was July, 16. We anticipate reopening the branch in February 2017.

What happens to the branch staff during the refresh?

The staff are temporarily reassigned to other branches of MCPL, except for the branch manager and library assistant supervisor, who will remain at Davis to deal with any questions or issues that come up during the refresh.

Will we pack up all of the books?

No, for the most part the books will stay on the shelves. The shelves will be wrapped up in what looks like giant cling wrap, to keep everything protected during the project.  Items that are being relocated to a new spot in the building will be boxed and stored until they can be put back on the shelf.

What will you do with new books meant for Davis that MCPL receives while you are closed?

These items will be boxed and stored until we are ready to reopen.

What's happening to the KIDMuseum in the lower level of Davis?

The KIDMuseum will be open and fully operational while the library is being refreshed. Please do not try to return our materials to the KIDMuseum.  Although they will be open, they are not a part of the library system and can't accept returns.

Can I return my books to Davis after you are closed?

No. The Davis book and media depositories will not be available until the branch reopens.

Where do I pick up my holds?

During the refresh project, Davis is not available as a holds pickup location and cannot be selected as such in our catalog.  If you have outstanding holds with a pickup location of Davis, please change the location by logging in to your account; or you may call any branch to have staff make the change for you.

If you do not make this change, and your holds arrive at Davis, you will be contacted by phone and asked to select another location, which will delay your pickup.

Davis opened in 1964. It was featured in a short film produced by the American Library Association in 1965. Take a look and see what's changed. From then to now, MCPL has been dedicated to adapting and enhancing our libraries to serve you better. We look forward to reopening our Davis branch - refreshed, renewed and revived!

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