Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Classical Music

Classical Music Month
Bach. Beethoven. Mozart. Chopin. Wagner. Vivaldi. Schubert. When classical music comes up, it is one of those subjects I wished I had taken a class to learn more about. Classical music gives us such an emotional experience and it is something (like art!) that I enjoy when I hear it but wish I knew more about. Well now is my chance! September is Classical Music Month and we've got some great free resources and programs to help you celebrate, whether you love classical music already or, like me, are excited to learn more about it!

Violin and keyboard
If you are looking to learn how to play classical music instruments we have a great, new online resource called ArtistWorks. It has self-paced video lessons from Grammy Award-winning music and artistic professionals for instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, french horn, trumpet, and violin. It offers beginner through advanced lessons and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. If you already know how to play an instrument and are looking for musical scores, try the online Classical Scores Library. This collection contains over 13,000 classical scores. The scores span all classical genres and time periods.

Music score
If you like to listen to classical music we have that, too. You can download up to 5 songs per week through Freegal. There is a huge selection of classical music you can download to your computer or Freegal app for your Apple or Android device. From the Classical Music Library you can stream classical music. It offers choral works, symphonies, operas, vocal and instrumental music, chamber music, and more.

What about the fascinating lives of the individuals behind all this great music? We've got that covered! Try Biography in Context to find information about the lives of famous composers like Puccini, Strauss, Handel, and many others. We also have biographical books about composers for adults and teens as well as children.

What's a celebration without some live music? We've got some great live music events this month. Our John E. Marlow Guitar Series will showcase how popular music has influenced classical composers in Brazil. Add a little fairy tale to your classical music celebration with Cinderella, a Chamber Opera.

At MCPL we're happy to help you find your classical music beat this September and beyond!



  1. The Washington area has many volunteer choral groups that seek and welcome new singers. There is a variety of music interest and style, location, and people, from all women, children, various languages, the "festival" choirs of churches and more.

    I am almost finished with a list of most of these choirs and would be happy to offer the list to the MCPL. The Library should be more forthcoming in allowing groups to advertise their choir opportunities at bulletin boards etc.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please contact us directly to share more information. You can contact our Leadership staff directly through out website. Please copy and past this URL