Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Explore New Scientific Horizons

One of the great aspects of science fiction is that it allows us to dream big about what might be possible. In the original TV show Star Trek, the communicator they used resembles technology we all take for granted today, the cell phone. Science is that all encompassing field (science, technology, math, engineering, etc.) that drives us to question, explore, create, and move beyond what anyone thought was possible. We're excited this August to encourage all ages to dream big and discover the world around them with our fabulous science resources!

Looking for authoritative and free science information online? From applied Science to space you can find science articles and biographical information from Science in Context and Science Reference Center. If you know your child's Lexil number you can limit the content searched in both databases by your child's reading level. Science Reference Center also offers lesson plans for teachers and worksheets to test your knowledge. World Book Online is a great encyclopedia database with science information for all ages. If you are looking for biographical information on famous and fascinating scientists, be sure to have a look at Biography in Context. You can browse or search under scientists or under specific occupations such as chemist, engineer, or mathematician.

Looking for a science e-books to read? Gale Virtual Reference Library has always available e-books on subjects such as the environment, medicine, science, and technology. Safari Books Online also has a wide variety of always available e-books on computer technology, software development, information technology, engineering, math, and science. Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium (Overdrive) is good source for computer technology and science e-books to check out and read.

Summer is the perfect time to engage your children's minds with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fun. Looking for science experiments to try at home? Science in Context, Science Reference Center, and World Book Online all have exciting science experiments to learn from. We have print science experiment books on a variety of topics as well as science fair project website resources to gather ideas from too. Looking for STEM e-books for your kids to read over the summer? We've got those too. And, of course, don't forget to visit our branches for exciting STEM programs and explore our STEM Stations that allows children to explore and discover the science of the world around us.

A great way to also explore STEM topics with your children is to check out a Go! Kit. The kits are designed to encourage the parent/caregiver and child to actively explore the world around them.  Each kit contains several books, science tools, a mini- iPad with preloaded apps, and a list of the contents of the kit.  Each kit can be borrowed for 2 weeks. We have Little Explorer Go! Kits for ages 3-6 and Young Voyager Go! Kits for grades 3-6.

Interested in trying out new technology? Come to our Digital Media Labs where you can learn and create digital photography, storytelling, video production, graphic design, music videos, social media, animation, computer programming, art, and more. Digital Media Labs are designed for teens and adults.

This August we invite you to explore and discover, and as Mr. Spock would say "fascinating," new scientific horizons at MCPL!


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