Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Read Local

It has been a little bit more than one month since we first posted about our 2016 MCPL Reading Challenge, and it seems like a good time for a check-in.

photo of reading challenge list with handwritten titles
My Challenge List
How are you doing on the Challenge? If you haven't started yet, or don't know what I'm talking about, it's not too late to get involved. Find out more about our 2016 Reading Challenge, and download the full list of challenges.

Thanks to a big boost to my reading time provided by our recent snow event, I have gotten through several of my challenge books. I also have ideas in mind for several of the others, but that could change—a glance at my messy Reading Challenge list will tell you I've changed my mind several times already!

Today, however, I really wanted to focus on challenge #1: "A book by a local author or set in the DC/MD/VA area."

We are lucky in this area to have a large number of fantastic local authors, writing in a variety of genres from YA to history to self-help. Any of them would fit the bill for a local author.

the white house
Hint: There are a lot of books set at this place
Alternatively, you could choose from the large number of books, written by authors all over the world, set at least partially in our area.

In short, a world of (local) choices. I can already spot three books on my list that might fit.

We've been recommending local author and local setting books on our Pinterest board (look for #localauthor or #localsetting), and we've also gotten several suggestions for this category from customers, including via our submission form on the Reading Challenge page (also available at the bottom of this post) and via social media.

A few suggestions from Reading Challenge participants, both MCPL staff and customers:

Have a book to suggest for Challenge #1? Submit it here:

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