Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What'll I Read?

Do you ever have one of the moments when you just don’t know what to read?

cover of Winter by Marissa Meyer
I've been waiting months
for Winter to come out!
Maybe you’re waiting for the next title in your favorite series to come out, and you want a special read to get you in the mood (without re-reading the beginning of the series for the second, third, or eighteenth time).

Or maybe you’re trying to complete a Read Harder Challenge (like this one from Book Riot) and you really need to find the right book to check off the _______ box. (Personally, I’ve been procrastinating a poetry selection.)

Believe me, we’ve all been there. We know how hard it can be to find just the right book to fit what you’re looking to read RIGHT NOW. We know there are moments when that huge To Be Read list on your nightstand or in your Catalog Wish List just doesn’t include a single book you want to read at the moment.

But, your luck is about to change, because we’ve got six great tools to get you what you want to read:

  1. In-person Readers’ Advisory: This is an old standby. Come to a branch and ask a librarian. They can talk to you about what you’ve read and what you’ve liked and help you find something you want to read.
  2. Online Readers’ Advisory: If you don’t have time to come to a branch, try our online Readers’ Advisory services. Our What Do I Check Out Next? Service is staffed by our expert librarians. Fill out a few questions about what you like to read (and what you don’t like to read), and they’ll provide personalized recommendations for you to try. They’ll even try to match your preferred format (print, e-book, or audiobook). We also offer a few online databases for that suggest other books to read, including Beanstack and NoveList K–8 for young readers and NoveList Plus for adults.
  3. Librarian’s Choice: It’s probably no surprise that our librarian’s read a lot. And, every month, they review a title and tell you why you might enjoy it. The detailed reviews also include information about similar and related titles. This month’s review of Orange is the New Black includes information about the hit TV show as well as other books related to the events in Piper Kerman’s well-known memoir.
  4. We Recommend: We recommend doesn’t provide the detailed personalized reviews of Librarian’s Choice. Instead, it highlights items from our collection that focus on a specific theme. Books range from novels to memoirs to scientific tracts. It’s a great place to find books you might not have heard of on themes that interest you.
  5. If You Like lists: If you’re having the classic dilemma “I want to read something like what _______ writes, but I’ve already read all his/her stuff a bunch of times,” than our If You Like lists are a great place to start. With lists available by author or genre, there are a number of options to help you when you just don’t want to read your favorite author or you’re looking to get into a new genre.
  6. display of books for Halloween at Damascus Library
  7. Book displays: Stop by any branch and you’re almost sure to spot a book display or five. Whether it features staff favorites, recently returned titles, or books on a certain theme, book displays can be a great place to find an unexpected gem.

Try out one of these services and then let us know what you think in the comments. You might discover a great new author or genre you’ve never even heard of. Whatever happens, it’s a great way to get reading!


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