Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Food for Fines

food for fines
You thought you’d return that book… until you found it on your bookshelf sandwiched between two other books. You thought you had gotten that movie back… before you realized it was still in the DVD player (computer, etc.).

Listen, fines happen. (They happen to me a lot more often than I want to admit.) We get it. And we’re here to help.

That’s why from now through October 30, every canned good or non-perishable food item you bring to your library will reduce your existing fines or hold fees by one dollar. Food for Fines program is part of our support for Montgomery County’s Community Service Week. Donations cannot be used towards other fees. Customers with no existing fines are also welcome to drop off donations at our branches during this program.

canned goods
Some donations at Rockville Memorial
All food will be donated to the Manna Food Center. Shelf-stable foods, such as canned fruits, vegetables and meats, dried beans, brown rice, quinoa, low sugar cereals, baby food, formula, and vegetarian items will be accepted as donations. Unfortunately, we cannot accept home-canned items, opened foods, or foods past their expiration dates.

“Food for Fines is a great way for people to clear up their outstanding library fines while helping some of our neediest neighbors,” explains our Director, Parker Hamilton. “We are very pleased to be partnering with the Manna Food Center in this effort.”

Since the program started on October 16, we have already received very positive reviews from the public. “Just dropped off our canned goods & baby food what an amazing idea... feeling good and paying fines,” one customer said on Twitter.

Visit our website to find your closest branch and plan your donation.

Read the official press release.

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