Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Have we blogged The Holidays to death yet? How about considering something new? New things for a new start...

Nope, I'm not going to suggest a new diet, new exercise routine or even a new hairstyle for the new year. How about a new hobby? Have you always wanted to know how to make something? Or been fascinated by (insert object, time period or culture)?

We've got the resources to help you focus, learn or create. After searching for "Trending Hobbies 2014" I found this list of trendy new hobbies.

Who knew my husband was such a hipster? He's already deeply into #3 (model rocketry) and #8 (homebrewing). But, if you'd like to take pictures of the starry, starry night (Hobby #1), Night Photography by Lance Keimig, an e-Book in Safari Books Online, will get you started.

For Hobby# 3, The Model Rocketry Handbook by G. Harry Stine is considered the bible—but check this out: 50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius by Gavin D. J. Harper

Then there's #8 - Homebrewing! Making your own what?? That's right! Lager, ale, porter, stout and more. Try a subject search for homebrewing.

And lastly, back in our e-book resource Safari Books Online, I found a quirky gem: The Modern Day Pioneer with instructions for the novice on not only beer brewing AND beekeeping, but soap-making, bread baking, quilting, and healing your own aches and pains!

So, embrace something new! Fold origami, bake, brew, photograph, travel or start a collection; we're here to help you.


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