Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Book Festival 2014

You won’t have to worry if it rains!

For all you author groupies out there, you may be expecting the National Book Festival around mid-late September. But this year, the date and venue have changed. Because of the new irrigation system put in by the National Park Service, there is not enough space available for all the tents required, so they are moving to a new place and a new time: August 30, 2014 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Although it  will only be open for one day, you can visit from 10AM-10PM so there is more than enough room and time to see all your favorite authors.

No matter where or when the event is held, you can still see all the authors that have amazed, intrigued and lured you into the library (hopefully). Here's a preview some authors that you may not be familiar with:
For an up close and personal involvement you may be interested in volunteering, as many librarians do, email and ask about volunteering.

Want to know how to get there and other questions: FAQ

For the schedule and more information than you know what to do with have a look at the National Book Festival site.

Whomever you decide to visit, you won’t be sorry to make the trip. See you at the National Book Festival on August 30, 2014, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 10am-10pm.

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