Friday, July 25, 2014

Going to Visit

Car loaded with luggage and excited relatives approaches!
Caldecott Honor 1986
Two Children gazing at mountain in evening
Caldecott Honor 1983
When I was growing up, 'Going to visit' various relatives was our summer vacation. Car trips, sleeping in someone else's bed, eating at a Aunt's table were part of it.

Cynthia Rylant always plucked that chord for me, both with "The Relatives Came", the 1986 Caldecott Honor and her 1983 Caldecott Honor picture book "When I Was Young in the Mountains".

We grow up, make new relatives, travel new ways and now I find myself in need of information. I'll be travelling to places where nary a relative waits for me. No borrowed bed or family table are available.


DK Eyewitness Travel
Of course, you may visit your nearest branch and peruse the 900s. 917.5924 will yield guidebooks to Walt Disney World; 914 and 915 are a little less specific; all kinds of destinations in Europe and Asia will tempt you. But what if you don't want to drive over to a branch? What if (horrors!) the travel guide you need is checked out and not available?

Enter the Gale Virtual Reference Library!

We have travel books available online from DK and the Rough Guides.
While all the titles can be read online, the travel guide you want can also be downloaded to your home computer section-by-section and then saved to (transferred to) your mobile device. Use the USB cable or email to transfer it to your device, depending on which one you have.

[A bit clumsy? Maybe. But I saved $23 compared to buying the paperback version of a 'Rough Guide'; it's easier to carry and I can just delete it when my trip is over.]

For you mobile computing users, remember than many travel information providers now have FREE apps you can run on your smartphone or tablet to provide maps, reservation services, links to local business information and help for travelers. Depending on your platform you may want an app from Trip It, Google Translate (works with text AND speech!), Gate Guru or Travel Smart.

Bon Voyage!

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