Friday, May 16, 2014

Love the Ones You're With

I am very fortunate to be working in a profession I love and to be working with many colleagues that I respect both professionally and personally. When life gets rough, as it sometimes does for each of us, it makes a big difference to have people around you who offer genuine support, encouragement, and friendship; the kind of people who accept your not-so-sunshiny moods on your not-so-sunshiny days and still manage to be nice to you in spite of it. Some rough patches pass quickly and some become the  “new normal.” The people around you can make a BIG difference in how quickly and how well you get through those rough times.

I started thinking about it and realized that I often see books on how to cope with unpleasant people or situations in the world around you but not so often do I see books that offer ideas for showing your appreciation. Hate your job or your co-workers? We have a book for that. Having marital problems? We have a book for that, too. Don’t know how to deal with all the rude people in the world?  Of course we have books for that. Not happy with yourself? Yes, we even have books for that.

But what if you want to celebrate someone instead of complain about them? There is no easy way to find books like that in the catalog. I found a few in our collection and I also found some ideas online. Check these out if you want to focus on the positive and find some unique ways to let the people in your life know that you appreciate them.

Pay It Forward, the book or the website 

(This post is dedicated to the wonderful colleagues who have helped me through the ups and downs of life over the last two years.)

Tina R.

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  1. Most often we are all in the midst of some struggle or trial. Sometimes the only reward desired for encouraging you is the light of your beautiful smile. Thanks for providing that light in a sometimes dark world. It makes those of us who share the struggle feel that hope is yet alive.