Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction was first published in 1979 and has been an excellent and venerable tool in library reference collections. The third edition is published online and is available to use free of charge.  The internet and links have made it a far more powerful tool.  You can find The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction at this address:

 If you are interested in science fiction or speculative fiction, this tool is extraordinarily valuable.

You can click on the picture to enlarge this view of the homepage.  

Near the top of the screen, below the title of the encyclopedia, is a search box to search the Encyclopedia's contents.  Across the top of the screen are tabs that are excellent points to begin browsing:


AUTHORS  provides an Art A-Z, Author A-Z, Editor A-Z, House name A-Z, and People A-Z.  Throughout the Encyclopedia entries are dated when they are published, where entries have been updated there are links to earlier versions.

THEMES A-Z provides an extensive maybe comprehensive list of themes.  You can find material on particular themes, and you can look at how a particular theme has been handled by different writers and different media.  If you are considering writing science fiction or speculative fiction, this could be a particularly valuable tool to find out what has already been done and figure out directions to move forward. Themes are listed A-Z, and currently there are 809 entries.

MEDIA gives you access to information about characters, comics, films, games, music, radio, and tv.

CULTURE includes Awards.  It covers Community, which includes conventions, organizations and publishers.  It also contains a Fan A-Z, an International A-Z, and a Publication A-Z.  It is great for connecting with other people and groups that share your interests.

ALL ENTRIES are just that, the whole spectrum of entries under one heading.

NEWS has bits of recent news from the SF world, and information about any changes to the Encyclopedia.

The front page has a random entry generator and a random new entry generator that are fun to play with, plus a number of other features you'll find when you visit.

If you are new to science fiction or speculative fiction, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction will prove a superb guide.  For old hands it can enhance your experience and enjoyment and help you make connections and open up whole new areas of interest.  It is a great tool to enhance your library experience, and direct you to new material to savor at your leisure.

Visit The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Nell M.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this resource. As a new Whovian, I enjoyed the entries on Dr. Who.