Thursday, December 5, 2013

Off To Tokyo And Back

I was visiting my family in Japan a few weeks ago. While on the subway, fellow riders’ conversations used to entertain me. Somehow eavesdropping was easier in my native tongue.  I was not being nosy, but conversation just floated into my ears. I loved hearing about other people's lives, listening to school kids chat and laugh. I loved getting my street-level education and catching up on what's going on in Japanese society.

Not any more, though. Nobody talks on trains now. Most riders have their faces fixed on their mobile devices, or they wear ear buds. Every car seems to be a quiet car these days. Even I find myself automatically reaching for my cell phone. Times change.

When I'm not riding a train, one of my favorite activities in the city is to visit my favorite bookstores and used book stores. Now that I am back from Japan, I am curious about what MCPL acquired recently in English translation. 

Here are some well-received titles in the MCPL catalog:

Shipwrecks, Akira Yoshimura

Asleep, Banana Yoshimoto

Stones Cry Out, Hikaru Okuizumi

And, of course, Haruki Murakami and many of his books including Norwegian Wood, now also a film (2010)

-Megumi L.

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